Right to assemble, meet, and petition at your mobile home park

Mobile home park community center located in Brea, Ca

If you live in a mobile home park and want to petition, assemble or have meetings then this is the perfect blog for you. A mobile home owner has a lot of benefits when it comes to using the mobile home park community and community centers for hosting events. Here are some of the basic rights a mobile home owner has:

  1. In California, you are allowed to peacefully assemble in the park under reasonable hours and reasonable circumstances. Any meeting for lawful purposes is allowed to be held in the community center or any mobile home owners home with consent from the mobile home owner.
  2. Any conversation regarding public interest is allowed to be held at the community centers or a mobile home owner’s home. You are allowed to invite public officials, candidates running for office, and members of mobile home owner organizations for any matter of public interest.
  3. petitioning for non commercial purposes is allowed under reasonable hours and circumstances as well as hosting meetings for public candidates and government officials.

A homeowner in California will not be charged a cleaning fee for using the facility or community centers. As long as all the homeowners and community members are allowed to come, a cleaning deposit or fee will not be issued. Homeowners will also not be required to purchase any liability insurance when hosting meetings or groups of individuals in a recreation center. Mobile home park managers may prohibit alcoholic beverages if the terms and conditions of the mobile home park say so.

When it comes to vehicle parking from outside visitors, mobile home owners in California must speak with their park managers to get approval for a certain number of vehicles. Also, the meeting must not exceed the maximum occupancy of the recreation area or community clubhouses. When it comes to displaying signs or posters of public officials running for office, the signs must not exceed six square feet and will not be allowed unless it is displayed within 90 days prior to the election.

As you can see, there are many benefits for mobile home owners in regards to petitioning or hosting meetings for public candidates or political events. The community recreation centers are a great place to gather individuals and host meetings. If you are considering hosting a meeting or group in your mobile home park development then speak with your park managers and make sure the space isn’t being used on the date you wish to host your event. Also, consult with your park managers to help coordinate parking and where the meeting can be held in the community center.

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