Leasing a Mobile Home or Space in a Southern California Mobile Home Park

When you are leasing a space in a mobile home park, you are leasing the space and the mobile home from a landlord. Others prefer to own their mobile home, but rent the space from their landlord. There are different duties a landlord must have when they are leasing the mobile homes and the space. Landlords have an additional responsibility to monitor the roads and the community spaces of the park. They also must allow residents who own their mobile homes to rent/lease their homes out. Tenants must follow the MRL and park rules as always. 

Leasing out your Mobile Home

If you are interested in leasing out your mobile home to a new tenant, then under the Landlord-Tenant laws, you are able to do so. A landlord or property manager may only reject your application to lease out your mobile home if the new resident does not meet the financial necessities or can’t follow parks rules and regulations due to other parks complaints of their behavior. 


If a landlord wants to evict a tenant then they must have reasonable cause to do so. There are a list of eviction details located in the Mobile Home Residency Law of California. Landlords may only evict tenants if they break rules or fail to pay rent on time for an extended period of time. Usually they will allow you to three months of late rent before late fees will kick in and an eviction may start to come up in conversation. If an eviction does come up, then the tenant will have seven days to correct their actions. Some mobile home parks can go as low as three days. If the rules aren’t met, then you’re out.

Rent Increase

Typically, landlords must give their tenants a 60 day notice if there will be a rent increase 10% or more, and 30 day notice if rent is being increased 10% or lower. Currently, there isn’t any federal regulations on how much a park can raise their rents. These are dealt with on a case by case method.

If you’re a potential mobile home landlord, or tenant looking for a mobile home space and park that fits their needs, check out some of your local parks and speak with their management teams on availability and walkthroughs.

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