More Obscure Mobile Home Facts

For decades the mobile home parks for rent and the trailer parks for rent industry have received an undeserved bad-rap. 

Below are some of my favorite questions about mobile home living:

Don’t only poor folks live in mobile homes?

Not entirely, mobile homes and manufactured homes are suitable for families, individuals, retirees, and young professionals.  New mobile homes can cost between $18,000 to over $130,000 for a large basic model, not including the land the home will sit atop. It can be a great alternative to affordable living. 

Are mobile homes are popular among the rich and famous?

Yes, yes! Celebrities are into mobile homes. It’s known that there are several celebrities who own manufactured homes across Malibu in some of the more hidden areas. For low income or middle-class, mobile homes are great for anyone.

Are mobile homes customizable?

Yes, you can customize and build them how you want. You can build a perfect home to fit a family’s needs all while staying within the budget.

Are mobile homes built to withstand weather conditions?

Manufacturers design homes to withstand the hardship of weather conditions. They’re built to the same safety standards as traditional homes which ensures their weather resistance and sustainability. 

How long does it take for me to get a mobile home?

It can take as short as a week to a few months of designing and building! Depending on if you are trying to build your mobile home from scratch, or move into a pre-existing one.  Compare that to a stick-built home which takes months or years to put up.

Doesn’t Warren Buffet have something to do with mobile homes?

Yes, the king of Wall Street, Warren Buffet invested $1.7 billion of his Berkshire Hathaway’s capital by purchasing Clayton Homes Inc, one of the largest housing companies.

The obvious truth is that there are millions of mobile homes spread throughout the US. Mobile homes can be considered a ‘regular’ home. The nicer the home, the more demand. Mobile Homes come in all shapes and sizes and allow customization to each and every home. We hope you learned a few obscure facts about mobile homes!

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