Unusual Mobile Homes

As the years go by, people seem to get more and more creative in the world. People are living in a multitude of different ways and places like they are trying to top one another for the coolest and most obscure place to live in. These are so unique we doubt that they could be apart of the mobile home park owners associations. So here today we are going to go over some of the most unique mobile homes people live in today. We are going to try our best to get pictures of them for you can see the awesomeness of the homes yourself!

This is the first home on our list and it comes from china. This is nothing like what you think your standard mobile home will look like and it’s not even made out of normal materials. This is a microfiber home in Beijing, China where it is light enough to be lifted by the inhabitants so to get enough sunlight in the house at certain times a day. This house is small enough to fit in a storage container and also small enough to not be under the provisions of normal mobile homes in China.

This next home comes out of New Zealand where the owners made it out of old shed materials. This isn’t just a trailer lot for rent park in California, this house, like the previous house, is extremely light in comparison to modern mobile homes being able to be towed away by a tractor. This home does have disadvantages since rust is very easily able to happen to this unit, but man isn’t it unique. Also, this home is seen on a lot of beachfront locations so there are perks to this type of living as well.

This next home isn’t your typical mobile home because the way you transport it isn’t the usual method. This is homemade to be built in the forest with its fully open design and completely wood structure. This home is unique not only because it is all open design but that the way it’s built the only way to transport it is to take it apart and move it. Also, all the parts are made out of wood so if you need a replacement you can definitely make it yourself.

This was a glimpse into the unique world of mobile homes. As you can see mobile homes have a wide spectrum and even though most people would consider some of these just a shack with a bed in it people use these homes to live out there lives. A lot of these homes also skirt by, by not being big enough to fall under the jurisdiction of mobile homes! These days if you can think of it there is a chance you can make it happen and in the cases above they made it happen.  

These homes are amazing and there are so many more to go over but are they legal? For more legal information on mobile home laws in your area check out Mobile Home Residency Law

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