Five Impressive Facts about Modular Homes

When things are done from non-traditional ways they will always peak interest. So when we look at modular homes you better bet there are probably some impressive facts about them that will catch your eye. Todaywe are going to give you a couple of them to see if we can teach you some cool information about a popular way of being a homeowner. 

  1. Value appreciation is under appreciated. If you live in California your home will have a different value than a home in Delaware. Same thing applies to a mobile home that’s located in Fountain Valley Estates and a mobile home located in Village Mobile Home park. What I am getting at here is that things are valued differently no matter where you go and that applies to mobile homes as well. What makes this fact interesting is that mobile home values are an appreciating asset meaning they get better with time and where your home is housed. So if you’re into investing you should add mobile homes to the list of things to look into.
  2. Mobile homes are very secure. A lot of people don’t realize that mobile homes are very secure to live in. Yes, they are mobile but that doesn’t mean once they are placed they can’t be locked into the ground. Mobile homes are placed on a flat solid foundation and are anchored to the ground in multiple different ways. Either by a steel beam placed underneath the dirt or by cement in the same fashion. So everyone residing in a mobile home is just as protected from a windstorm as people living in traditional house.
  3. Low cost with the same amount of living. This may be a pretty obvious one for a lot of people but it is still impressive. Mobile homes go for fractions of the price of your traditional built home. They do this while still having a lot of the same standard amenities as a traditional home as well so living can easily be just as comfortable. All you’re going to have to do is read up on your 2014 mobile home residency laws and the years following and you’ll be just a s comfortable as anyone else in any other home style. 
  4. It’ll get to you piece by piece. This fun fact is more for modular homes. These homes are literally built piece by piece because that is how they are delivered. You can buy multiple pieces for multiple attachments making your home very customizable. 
  5. Continuing on customization. Mobile homes are extremely customizable from the type of roof you want to however many windows make you happy. This style of homes gives you so much to work with and many of the homes look totally different from one another but built in the same factory. So let your imagination run wild if you plan on buying one.

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