The evolution of mobile homes

From Bell mobile home park to Greenfield trailer park you will see  different mobile home styles, sizes, and layouts. But like most things they didn’t start off like this. They started off simple, inefficient and made for one purpose and eventually be shaped into what they are today. We are going to run through the history of mobile homes and tell you about their early beginnings to their new lives as homes for many people all around the world. 

If we want to be really technical about things we can trace mobile homes back to the 1500’s. The days when gypsies used them to travel the earth and make a living all over. But we are going to move closer and take you back to the 1870’s. This is where our traditional idea of mobile homes stem from. This has been noted as a time where in North Carolina there were many movable beach front properties. These homes were moved by teams of horses and they were not moved by whim but by need. They moved to where better food can be found along the coast. This trend kept up and spread to many other towns until about 1926.

1926 is where mobile homes really began to make their mark on the United States. In the beginning they were used as getaway homes. A lot like cabins are used now where they have more vacation purposes to get you out the monotony of daily living. Then World War 2 began and then mobile homes made a transformation. Pre World War 2 these homes were called trailer coaches after the old use of them in the 1870’s. Then the war broke out and had an impact on the trailer coach term because most people didn’t have the luxury of using getaway homes anymore. Then the war ended bringing back tons of veterans to enjoy their life back home in the states. But these veterans need housing for themselves and their families and with how fast the veterans came back,  America needed a solution fast so in came what were now being called mobile homes. Rebranded so that people can buy them and use them for longer term living or in some cases temporary living until they get back on their feet.

As time went on and more people stayed within the mobile homes for longer periods of time so naturally updates and additions began to come around. Mobile homes with more sections and bedrooms for more space to house a family of four or five. By 1948 mobile homes reached a length of 30 feet making it almost four times the size they used to be. Then by 1976 congress passed an act making sure all manufactured homes are being built under strict standards like standard homes giving mobile homes a spot in the view of the nation as a legitimate residence. Then in 1980 the term mobile home was changed to manufactured home to accommodate for the style in which the homes were constructed, which was in a factory so companies can keep up with federal standards.

As time went on so did the advancements of manufactured homes and the idea of communities started to form. These communities became known as trailer parks and started having the same amenities as many neighboring communities of stick built homes. Now we reach our time where homes are being optimized for alternative energies, natural disaster protection, mobility and many other things. The styles of them are ever changing and the speed of the build is just getting faster and faster. Eventually manufactured homes will feel just like your standard stick built home and people won’t be able to tell the difference. So the next time you pass Carbon Canyon Mobile Homes just know that there is over a 100 years of history behind those houses.

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