Subleasing your Mobile Home in Southern California

Have you ever considered subleasing your mobile home is California? Or maybe you’re interested in purchasing a mobile home to rent out and make some side cash. Well, here is all you need to know for subleasing a mobile home in California.

First and foremost, subleasing is allowed in California. But, there are certain restrictions regarding price of your rental, how long they can stay, and what the tenant is expected. Although you are allowed to sublease your mobile home, there are some restrictions that follow. According to the California Mobile Home Residency Law, Tenants are allowed to sublease their home if they have a medical condition or emergency which will not allow them to be present in their home. This needs to be confirmed in writing by a medical physician in order for the management park to approve your sublease.

The minimum terms for the sublease is 6 months and maximum is 12 months. If spoken with and approved by the management, these terms may be extended or shorter. Typically, the mobile home management office will need to approve the new tenant and make sure they are a good fit for the mobile park. The management may also charge a credit screening fee to cover the costs of the credit agency which will run the report.

Each prospective tenant must understand and comply with all rules and regulations of the California mobile home park. If the renter is found uncompliant and a disruption to the park not only will they – and you be evicted from the mobile home property. If you want to learn more about mobile home eviction visit this blog which explains a few reasons why you might be evicted:

The homeowner will remain liable for rent and utility charges. Depending on the park, you may also have had to live in the mobile home park for a minimum of one year before you are allowed to sublease. so if you’re looking for a quick rental property, mobile home parks may not be your best bet. Finally, you may not charge your sublease tenant anymore than what is required to pay rent, park fees, and any and if loan payments.

Mobile home parks might not be the best type of real estate investment if this is what you are interested in. We hope you learned more about the mobile home residency law and specifically subleasing. If you are interested in learning more about the MRL here is a link which covers all the basics:

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